Lumbar Subluxations

Medical Research on the Spine and Nerve Related  Problems Relating to Lumbar Subluxations.

Kidney Disease - "A thorough analysis of reflex changes in the locomotor system (spine) in kidney disease has been made by Metz et al (1980 and 1986). In 206 cases of chronic kidney disease (pyelonephritis, glomeruionephritis) they found the following pattern: movement restriction at the thoracolumbar junction (T10-L1)." Lewitt MD, DSc Manipulation Therapy in Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System (1985)

Menstruation Pain / Sterility - "Menstruation pain with otherwise normal gynecological findings especially when localized in the low back, is usually of vertebrogenic origin and often the first clinical manifestation of disturbance in the lumbrosacral region. Over 75%  of women had excellent response to manipulation, labor pains can be a similar pointer. Female sterility of cryptogenic origin (i.e. with negative organic findings) may be attributable to pelvic dysfunction in particular of the coccyx, and adequate treatment (by manipulation) gives favorable results."  Lewitt MD, DSc Manipulation Therapy in Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System (1985)

Low Back Pain and SI Pain - "In a study doen by researchers from the department of epidemiology of the University of Pittsburgh, of the 108 students with a history of low back pain, 88% tested positive for SI dysfunction. The author's note a high degree of association between SI dysfunction/subluxation and lower back pain, which suggest a relationship between SI dysfunction and LBP. Given the common clinical experience of obtaining symptomatic relief by SI manipulation." Olson, TL Anderson, RL et al. (1992)  The Epidemiology of Low Back Pain in an Adolescent Population, American Journal of Public Health.

Low Back Interrelationship of the Spine - "We have come to realize that every patient with low back pain also has significant mechanical dysfunction in the cervical and thoracic spine." Joseph Shaw MD First Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back Pain, The Chiropractic Report.

Low Back Pain - Adults and Children - "Spinal manipulative therapy has been shown to be effective for the treatment of low back pain in adults. Imperically the results have been at least equally good with children. It is the experience of many chiropractors that children respond more readily and favorably than adults." Caffey, J. (1972) On the Theory and Practice of Shaking Infants, American Journal of Diseased Child, 124: 161-169.

Low Back Pain - "There's been an escalation of clinical and basic science research on manipulative therapy, which has shown there is a scientific basis for the treatment of back pain by manipulation. The physician who makes use of this resource will provide relief for many patients." Canadian Family Physician 1985

"The treatment that chiropractors offered for low back pain was more effective than that provided by the medical clinics." British Medical Journal, June 2, 1990

Chiropractic vs. Medicine - "On the evidence, particularly the most scientific valid clinical studies, spinal manipulation applied by chiropractors is shown to be more effective than alternative treatments for low back pain."

"Many medical therapies are of questionable validity or are clearly inadequate."

"Chiropractic manipulation is safer and more cost effective than medical management of low back pain." Pran Manga Phd, The Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Chiropractic Management of Low Back Pain, The Ontario Ministry of Health.

Appendicitis, Gallbladder and Uretal Colic - " Typical cases were presented in which symptoms of appendicitis, gallbladder disease, uretal colic or other manifestations of visceral disease were apparently relieved by correction of spinal curvature or the associated myositis. It has also been shown by mere mechanical correction of posture that an articular defect (misalignment) of the spine may be eliminated and along with it the related visceral disturbance." Neville Usher, MD, FACP, "The Visceral Spinal Syndrome a New Concept of Visceral Moto and Sensory Changes in Relation to Deranged Spinal Structures."

Gallbladder, Kidney, Bladder, and Sex Organs - In "The Spine as the Causative Factor of Disease" German medical clinician Gutzeit describes how subluxation and malposition of vertebrae, and straightening of physiological curves can result in the following consequences: colics of the gallbladder, kidney, colics bladder cramps, filtration disturbances with (urinary) retention, disturbances of sex organs, and disturbances of other neuro-hormonal regulatory functions. Freimut Biedermann MD, Fundamentals of Chiropractic From the Standpoint of a Medical Doctor.

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